Who To Notify of Your Move

Change of Address

Write down every person and company that needs to be notified of your move, and store it in a folder or binder. Begin the notification process about two months before moving day, since address changes may take awhile to go into effect. Magazines are notoriously slow. Plus, if you have a long list of notifications, then it will take awhile to get through it.

Be sure that you tell everyone when you want the address to officially change. Record the date of each notification to confirm that it was done. If you call in any notifications, write down the name of the person you spoke with. If a problem occurs, then you’ll know who to talk to.

If you have an online account with a company, then chances are you’ll be able to change the address on their website. Otherwise, you’ll have to mail a form or call the company.

Here is a sample list of notifications:

  • post office
  • magazines
  • employer
  • emergency roadside service
  • DMV
  • bank accounts
  • schools/alma mater
  • voter registration
  • insurance
  • credit cardaccounts
  • loans
  • investment accounts
  • IRS
  • relatives
  • doctors
  • accountant


All recurring services must be cancelled. This may include newspaper delivery, babysitters, snow removal, housecleaning, lawn care, security system monitoring, pool maintenance, cell phone service, and so on.

Change of Address Forms

These forms are available at the post office inside the Mover’s Guide. This packet usually contains coupons for various services, as well as address labels and post cards to send out to insurance companies, magazines, and so on. You can also submit the form on the USPS website.

The change of address form can be submitted months or weeks before moving day. If you wait until the last minute, some of your mail won’t get forwarded.

Also keep in mind that forwarded mail may not arrive at your new address for awhile. You may end up getting bills late, so be sure they get paid on time. Keep the contact information of companies that you are making payments to in the future.

The USPS will forward your mail for one year after the new address becomes official. From that point forward, only first class mail will be forwarded.

You will receive junk mail and solicitations if you’re mail gets forwarded. One way around this is to request that your name be taken off mailing lists. This can be done by calling the company and making the request.

The one good thing about having your mailed forwarded is being covered if you forget to make an address change or two.

You can also leave your new address for the new owners in case any mail or items need to be forwarded. Leaving a friendly note and a large, postage paid envelope would help.

Authorization To Hold

In addition to completing a change of address form, you may also want to complete an authorization to hold mail form if there is gap between moving out and moving into your new home. The post office will hold your mail for up to 30 days.


Utilities refer to electricity, gas, water, and sewage, though it could also include internet, telephone, and cable. Tell the utility companies the day you want the service to be discontinued. This can be done far in advance. As you call each company, document the name of the person you spoke with and the confirmation number provided. If the utilities are not shut off when requested, this information will come in handy. The best time to call is early in the morning or late at night.

When should the utilities be turned off? Since you’ll need electricity, water, and possibly air conditioning on moving day, the day after is best in most cases. If the buyer doesn’t move into the house immediately or you move out before the house is sold, utilities may need to stay on. Consult your real estate agent on what to do in these situations.

Confirm that all your bills have been paid before leaving. Give companies your new address so they can contact you if necessary. They may return your deposit as well.

The landline telephone service will need to be cancelled if you have one. A recording will play when the cancelled number is dialed. You can request that your new phone number be a part of the recording in case someone needs to get in touch with you.

The landline service can be cancelled at anytime, assuming you have a cell phone. All that matters is that you have some way to communicate with others, particularly movers.

Utilities will need to be turned on the day you move into your new home. Keep the contact information for each company handy in case you have any problems.


Insurance companies will of course need to be notified of your move. If you’re with a national company, the transition will be smooth. Otherwise, you’ll have to cancel and sign on with a new company once you arrive in your new place. Homeowner’s insurance can be cancelled once you close on a new house and your new policy is active. Those renting should wait until the new rental insurance kicks in.

Does your homeowner’s insurance cover the transportation of your belongings? In most cases it does, but double check to make sure. Also find out if your stuff is covered if temporarily placed in a storage facility. This might happen if you’re not present when the movers arrive for delivery. In general, basic coverage provided by moving companies is insufficient.

Expensive items, such as art, jewelry, and antiques, should be appraised and photographed in case you have to file an insurance claim. The cost of insurance is in direct proportion to the value of each item.

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