While You’re Waiting For The Movers

If you have a few days or longer before the movers arrive to unload your belongings, here are a few things that can get done. You can start by calling friends and family to let them know that you’ve arrived safely. Hearing some familiar voices in a time of transition can’t hurt.

Walk Through

Do a walk-through of your place. Check the systems (heating, air conditioning, electricity, hot water heater, telephone, security system) and major appliances (stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

Verify that the condition of each room matches the description in the rental agreement or contract. Notify the real estate agent or landlord of any problems.

Report Damages

All damages should be documented and reported, no matter how small they might seem. For tenants, your damage deposit is on the line. For buyers, not addressing issues now could lead to costly repairs long-term.

Empty HouseAlways get renter’s insurance: it’s very inexpensive. For just a small fee, you can get thousands of dollars worth of protection. You never know when you might come home to a flooded apartment.


Clean your place top to bottom while it’s empty. I would also advise having your place exterminated as well. It’s the only time that chemicals can get into every nook and cranny without damaging your stuff.

Home Improvements

Get home improvements (refinishing hardwood floors, new carpet, painting, etc) out of the way if possible. It’s much easier to do with no furniture around. Pay someone to pull up carpeting. It’s a huge project and is well worth the expense to hire a professional.

Home improvements can still be done even after your stuff has arrived. Just wait until the job is done before unpacking.

You may want to buy some temporary shades from your local hardware store if the previous owner took all the window coverings. This will give you some privacy until you can get blinds or drapes.


For those moving into an apartment, reserve a parking space if you haven’t already done so. Movers will charge extra for having to carry a longer distance. Moving into a house usually isn’t a problem, but double check to make sure no one is parked in front before the movers arrive.


Reprogram the security system and code to garage door if applicable. Change the lock on all the doors in the house and get spare keys made. If moving into a gated community, call homeowner’s association to get your name added to directory at gate.


Line cabinets, shelves, and drawers.

Call your old phone number to see if answers the way you requested it to. For instance, some people leave a recording stating their new phone number so anyone who calls can get in touch with them. Others just choose to have it disconnected.

Take pictures of your new home before decorating and renovating as a keepsake.

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