What To Pack First When Moving House

What To Pack First When Moving Out

How to efficiently pack to move into a new house? Well, thinking the best way to pack when moving house can be overwhelming. While there is no one specific answer, the following is a good place to start.

In general, anything that is not used on a regular basis can be packed early. The kitchen is a good place to start – china, crystal, decorations, and other infrequently used items can be put away. Only the essentials – pots, pans, utensils, dishes, glassware etc. need to be accessible.

You may get tired of packing after a week or two, so it’s best to pack valuable possessions early while you still have the energy and desire to do it right. Out-of-season belongings and extras can also be packed right away.


What To Pack First When Moving House Tips

Books, magazines, DVDs, can be packed and shut fairly early in the process. Small moving boxes are best for packing books because they won’t get too heavy. Even if the movers are doing the loading, you’re still going to have to move the boxes to your designated room.

Some people choose to pack books with lighter items such as files, envelopes, DVD’s, and office supplies. Just be sure that you don’t pack books with anything that can break.

I prefer to pack the same items together because it’s a more organized approach. I packed all my books together in a small moving box and it weighed 28 pounds, which isn’t that bad.

I would highly consider just recycling old magazines instead of packing them. A stack of magazines can take up a lot of space. Cut out any content you want to keep, place it in a file folder, and throw out the rest.

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Photo Albums

My guess is that most people can go a few weeks or months without looking at their photo albums. This is one of the first items that can be packed. You may want to bring plan on taking with. There’s always the possibility of them getting lost or damaged in a moving truck. Let’s face it, photos are irreplaceable, unless you go to the extreme of keeping digital copies of every single one. If they’re going to stay with you, then place them with all the other items that you’ll be taking. This of course is all a moot point if you’re renting a moving truck.


Decorations may be nice to look at, but they’re not an essential everyday item. Knick knacks can be wrapped with packing paper and placed inside a larger item, such as a decorative pitcher or vase.

Christmas decorations should already be in a box or container of some kind. As long as the box is sturdy, then you’re all set. I think plastic containers are best for decorations because of their longevity. If you use a cardboard box, then mark “fragile” and “this side up”.

Small Appliances

You may not be able to pack every small appliance early, but some may not be used often. Blenders, coffee makers, and other similar items can be wrapped in bath towels, packing paper, or bubble wrap. Place them in a small box, bucket, or waste can with a layer of cushion on the bottom, sides, and top. Pot holders and dish towels are good for side and top support.

Out-of-Season Belongings

If moving in the winter:

  • summer sports equipment
  • outdoor furniture outdoor
  • grill
  • summer clothes
  • summer shoes
  • gardening equipment
  • outdoor toys
  • pool items

If moving in the summer:

  • winter sports equipment
  • winter toys
  • winter clothes
  • winter shoes
  • holiday decorations

Lawn Equipment/Shed/Garage

Chances are you have at least some equipment that can be packed early, though this depends on the current season and climate.

Rakes, hoes, and shovels can be bundled together in a blanket or tied together. Bundles are much harder to lose, which is why combining several together is the best way to go. Tools with blades or sharp edges can be wrapped with a thin piece of cardboard and taped for protection. Any hazardous materials in the garage have to be disposed of since they can’t be transported by movers.

According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, all outdoor items must be inspected for all gyspy moth life stages, known as the gypsy moth quarantine. This applies to those who are moving from a state infested with gypsy moth to a state that isn’t. More than likely, you’ll have to sign a form stating that they’ve been inspected. Your moving company can provide you with more information.

Lawn Furniture

Fold up lawn furniture and tie it with a rope or twine. Since furniture can get mixed in easily with another person’s shipment, write your name on a piece of paper and tape it to each item.

Outdoor Grill

The propane tank must be removed. The tank can actually be returned to the store in exchange for credit if there is another store in the area you’re moving to. If the tank is being transported, have it professionally sealed.

Pool Supplies

Pool supplies can be packed if it’s winter. You may have an outdoor pool trunk or area where all the supplies are stored (floats, water toys, balls, rafts). If you’re not taking the pool trunk, then all the items will have to be packed into boxes. Pool chemicals can’t be transported.


Secondary TVs, stereos, speakers, tapes, CDs, musical equipment, folding tables and chairs, sports equipment

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