The Moving Survival Kit

The survival kit is for those who will be without their belongings for a period of time. It has the stuff that you’ll need to get by, as well as anything you don’t want the movers to load.

bath towels
contact information (real estate agent)
eating utensils
inventory of belongings
night lights
box of tissues
safe deposit box
shower curtain
sleeping bags
important documents

The survival box is your luggage if traveling by air. You might want to mail a few boxes of items as well. Figure out which day would be best to send them so they arrive on move-in day.

I would only focus on bringing the essential personal items, such as clothing, documents, and valuables. You can purchase some of the stuff you’ll need after you arrive. Examples include paper plates, cups, paper towels, trash bags, sleeping bags, cleaning supplies, and so on. By doing so, you’ll limit the amount of stuff you bring with, which is key especially for those who are flying.

Start collecting items early so that boxes can be partially packed the week of the move. Leave room in a box for last minute items. Don’t forget your moving binder/folder with all the important papers and records. Bring appropriate clothing based on the climate you’re moving to. Check the temperatures for the next 7-10 days so you’re prepared.

Prepare as if the movers won’t arrive until the last day of the drop off window. Sometimes movers show up even later than anticipated.

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