Specialty Moving Boxes

Some items just won’t fit into a standard sized box. Specialty moving boxes are designed to accommodate such items. Most people will need a few even if they get most of their boxes for free.

TV Moving Boxes
TV Moving Boxes

Flat Screen TV Boxes

Most people own at least one flat screen, so these boxes are very much in demand. If you’re one of these people, you’ll likely need at least one unless you still have the original box.

Flat screen TV boxes are available for screens as small as 15″ and as large as 70″. No matter where your TV falls within that spectrum, you’re covered. These boxes are double walled and corrugated for optimal protection.

Wardrobe Boxes

WardrobeWardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are great for packing clothes. Instead of taking every article of clothing off of hangers, folding them, then packing, you can instead hang them inside the box and unpack them directly into your closet.

These boxes are ideal for jackets, dress shirts, gowns, skirts, pants, and any clothing in general that is best kept on hangers. You can also put shoes or additional clothing on the bottom of these boxes.

They aren’t an absolute must get, since all your clothes can be folded and packed into regular boxes. However, I would highly recommend buying at least one. They will save you some time and energy, while keeping at least some of your clothing in good condition.


Kitchen Boxes

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Kitchen Boxes

Kitchen boxes are twice as strong as the average moving box. They’re ideal for packing dishes, glassware, bowls, and other fragile items. Plus, their taller than most boxes out there. Some come with cell dividers for packing glassware. With that said, I don’t view kitchen boxes as a necessity. As long as you pack correctly, fragile items such as dishes and glassware should be safe in regular boxes.

Picture-MirrorPicture/Mirror Boxes

Picture and Mirror Boxes

Picture and mirror moving boxes are essential if you have wall photographs, artwork, and mirrors to transport. These boxes come in two sections that slide together to fit the object perfectly. This is important because you don’t want artwork or mirrors to shift inside the box while transported.

Another option is to have these items crated, though it’s more expensive and inconvenient.


Lamp Boxes

Lamp Boxes

While lamp shades can be packed in regular boxes, finding a tall box for the base is the challenging part. If you have a number of table lamps to pack, these boxes will be useful. Each set comes with a box for the base and one for the lamp shade. If the base is rather short, a medium or large moving box can be used as well.

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