When Is The Best Time To Move | Set A Moving Date

When Is The Best Time To Move | Set A Moving Date

It should come as no surprise that summer is the most popular time of year to move. The temperatures are warm throughout the U.S. and children are out of school. While the summer can be the best time to move, it does have its disadvantages.

For one, moving companies charge higher rates because of the increased demand. This also means more competition for scheduling a moving date. For this reason, it’s best to reserve a date with a company at least 1-2 months in advance.

Setting A Moving Date TipsMoving in the winter is ideal for getting the best rates, but the weather can be unpredictable. The fall and spring are good alternatives. The weather is more mild and the rates aren’t as high. Moving personnel tends to be more professional during these times because seasonal workers aren’t needed to accommodate demand.

Buying And Selling Your Home

Coordinating a move can be challenging if buying and selling a house. If possible, schedule your house-selling and house-buying closings on different days. For long-distance moves, aim for 3-4 days separation to ensure that both deals go through. This works out well since your belongings may not arrive for a week anyway.

Selling your house first would be advantageous so you could use those funds towards buying a new one. If you don’t close on a new home right away, then you might have to put your stuff into temporary storage or lease a place for awhile. One option might be to rent out your old home for a period of time if the buyers are willing.

If you buy a home first, then you may have to get financing elsewhere until your house sells. The upside with this scenario however is being able to clean and fix up the house before moving in. You’ll also be able to take your time moving in.

Confirm the closing date with your real estate agent before scheduling the final moving day. All required documents must be signed before getting the keys.

The earliest the move-in day should be scheduled is the day after closing. This gives the movers an entire day to unload.


Some condos and apartments restrict when people can move in or out. The main reason is to keep elevators and parking lots clear during high traffic hours. Ask your landlord or someone in the building what the rules are. Request exclusive access to the elevator so you can move your stuff faster. The faster you get done, the better it is for everyone in the building.

Establishing an exact moving time is ideal, but movers sometimes only estimate when they might show up. Always maintain constant communication with the movers and the landlord throughout the process. Ask where the movers should check in and park upon arrival. This will help the process go more smoothly, which is especially important if you’re paying by the hour.

Job Transfers

When a spouse’s job is transferred to a new city, some families will stay behind until the house sells or the children finish school. While being apart isn’t easy, this situation does have its advantages. The spouse who got transferred doesn’t have to be concerned about the whole family getting adjusted right away. He or she can focus mostly on their job and getting familiar with the new area.

Moving to a new city in itself can be stressful, but starting a new job on top of it can feel overwhelming. With the family back at home however, the transition will be a little easier. By the time the family does come, the spouse will likely feel comfortable with the new surroundings and help the family get acclimated.

Of course, the downside is that the spouse may feel alone during the time period.

Every situation is different. If a child is close to graduating high school, then perhaps staying behind is best. Sometimes it’s necessary for a spouse to stay behind until they can sell the house or find a job in the new area.

So, which one the best time time to move? Summer or Winter? Set the moving date by yourself.

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