Professional Packing Or DIY?

Professional Packing

Hiring packers is attractive because they save a lot of time and effort. Plus, you’ll have access to every belonging until the packers arrive. You also won’t have to worry about packing all those fragile items.

While professional packing can be expensive, so can breaking a precious crystal vase or china. The pros know how to pack and do it very quickly.

However, this option isn’t for everyone. Those with minimal possessions can probably handle the packing themselves. Others may find that it’s too expensive or not worth the investment.

The DIY approach will save you money. However, it requires a huge time commitment, which means the process will begin a month or so before moving day. This will mean having packed boxes in your house for awhile.

If you do all the packing, do it right. If something gets damaged, the responsibility falls on your shoulders, even if you hire a moving company to transport your items.

Of course, you could always do a little of both. You could pack the durable items, such as books, blankets, DVDs, clothing, and pay the movers to pack the expensive, fragile items. You may also want to pack some private things that you would rather not have the movers see.

This option gives you the best of both worlds. It costs less than having them pack it all and you’ll save some time. If you go this route, it’s probably best to get boxes from the mover. A mover can give you the same sized boxes so they can be more easily stacked inside the truck.

If You Hire Packers

The packers will either be employees of the moving company, contractors who specialize in packing, or a duo that packs, loads, drives the van, and unloads.

Let the packers handle all the packing. Insurance will only cover the stuff packed by them. They’re responsible for bringing all required boxes and supplies

Show them valuable and/or fragile items that require special handling. Also note any items that you’ll need right away after moving in.

Packing can take 1-3 days depending on the number of packers and how much stuff you have. Packers are fast and efficient; you might be amazed at how good they are.

Be prepared. Place a note anything that you don’t want to be packed. Movers will ultimately pack everything in your home unless you tell them otherwise. In addition to putting a note on each item, verbally tell the movers not to move those items. Clean and organize your items so they can be packed efficiently.

Packers will likely have questions and may need some assistance, so be available just in case.

Empty the trash cans. Be sure to have some trash bags on hand towards the end. Any extras can be packed in the last box or two that will be loaded.

Remove all bedding (packers aren’t responsible for this). They’ll take pictures down, but not the hooks. Place them in a plastic bag and tape them to the back of the pictures.

Remove batteries from clocks, flashlights, remote controls, and place them in a resealable bag with the items that will not be loaded onto the truck. (movers can’t transport batteries)

Bring in small items from the yard that need to be packed; leave the large items for the movers.

Place keys to house, manuals, and other items together that won’t be packed. Attach a big note on them not to be moved.

Before the packers leave, look around the house to make sure nothing was left behind. Check cabinets, closets, shelves, and so on. Ask for a few empty boxes, packing paper, and some tape in case they missed a few items.

If you want the packers to be extra careful handling certain items, let it be known. Don’t just assume that they will handle them with the same care that you would.

If you want them to pack certain possessions in the same box, group them all together.

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