Moving Day Tips

When something goes wrong or breaks, laugh and move on.

Get plenty of sleep the night before.

Moving day is stressful and exhausting even if everything goes smoothly.

If traveling by air, stay in a hotel for the night and fly out the next day.

You never know how long the movers are going to take.

Hire a babysitter or as a relative to watch your children and pets so they’re out of harms way. It might be best if they stay somewhere else until the movers leave.

Give moving van drivers a map and directions. They do get lost from time to time.

Get a lanyard for holding all of your keys. Leave it on your neck the entire time so you’ll always know where they are.

If towing your vehicle, know the maximum MPH the trailer can handle.

Those driving a rental truck: stick to wide roads. Before backing up, have the passenger check to make sure it’s clear. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times; mirrors are your best friend. Don’t take any unnecessary risks.

If you hear something break while driving, keep going. Stopping to investigate is a waste of time.

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