Labeling Moving Boxes

We all have stuff that needs to unpacked right away after moving in. Knowing what’s inside of each box is critical in order to find these items quickly. Each box should be labeled with the name of the room it belongs to, such as “kitchen”, “Ashley’s room”, “bathroom”, “master bedroom” and so on. That way, you or the movers will know exactly where each box is supposed to go. If the movers are packing, put up a sign on the door of each room so they know what to label the boxes.

Personal Inventory

Labeling Moving Boxes TipsTo make tracking easier, assign a number to every box. On your personal inventory sheet, write down the number of the box, the room it’s assigned to, and list all the contents inside. If you happen to move again, then this will really come in handy. I keep a list of inventory on a spreadsheet so it can be updated easily.

Using a black marker, write the assigned number on each side of every box so it can be identified quickly. Permanent markers do wear out quickly, so have a few on hand especially if you have a lot of boxes. Keep a piece of paper and a pen in each room so you remember to document the contents as they’re being packed.

This method allows you to track and locate each box with ease. If a box is missing, you’ll know which one it is and the contents that are packed inside.

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Each box can also be marked with a letter indicating level of importance. Boxes marked “A” are the most important and must be unpacked right away. “B” boxes aren’t as critical and can be unpacked a few days later. “C” boxes are unpacked last. These letters should be noted on the inventory sheets as well.

Even if you just write “open first” on the appropriate boxes, that will help you be more organized.

Label a box “VIP” for “very important papers”. This will allow to you locate important papers quickly, such as a passport.

I would advise placing items that are needed right away in the same boxes. That way, you won’t have to dig through boxes that aren’t as important to find everything you need.


All boxes can be left opened until the last few days. This allows you to have access to your stuff just in case. The box number sheets can be placed inside of your moving binder.

If you do forget to write an item down, then you’ll still have a pretty good idea of where it is. For example, let’s say you didn’t document the the kitchen utensils. You know that they have to be packed in one of the kitchen boxes, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Possessions going to a storage facility should be kept separate from all the others. One way to do this is by attaching colored labels to them. This will help ensure that everything goes to the correct location. Create a list of every item going there. Only put items in storage that you know for sure won’t be used for awhile.

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