If You Hired Movers

Get as many boxes next to the door as possible before the movers arrive. Take the driver and the crew on a tour of the property. Everything that’s staying behind should have its own designated area with a sign labeled “Do Not Load”. Also, attach a sign labeled “Load Last” on all the appropriate items and boxes. Point this out to the movers. This is also a good time to ask questions.

Inventory Sheet

A colored inventory sticker with a number will be placed on boxes and items by the mover. The inventory sheet will contain every number and the item(s) associated with it. This way, you’ll know if something is missing. As each box is unloaded, you can check off each number.

Driver’s Bill of Lading Checklist

The Bill of Lading is the contract between you and the moving company. A copy will be needed to verify the shipment once it arrives. It’s also documentation in case you have to file a claim and may also serve as the freight bill (total cost of shipment, plus the date and method of payment).

Keep paperwork for at least one year in the event that you find damages. Read and understand before signing.

  • verify your insurance protection
  • verify the delivery date and address
  • provide the driver with directions
  • notify driver if any unloading difficulties are expected.
  • if moving to a gated community, notify the gate personnel about the moving van arriving.

The movers will give you an order of service, which outlines everything you’ve hired them to do and their scheduled date.

Read and understand every document to confirm it’s accuracy. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and never sign a blank document.

Treat Them Well

Movers don’t get paid much, so give them a tip if they do a good job. By showing them respect, they’ll be more likely to handle your stuff with care. You can buy doughnuts and make coffee for them as well. Consider buying lunch if they’re around at that point. Pizza is convenient because it can be delivered. Getting the movers drinks is a nice gesture and will be much appreciated.

Drop Off Window

Ask the movers for a drop off window. They can give you a precise drop off date if your shipment is the only one being transported. This is determined by whether you have a partial or a full load. If another shipment is included, the one that is picked up last will likely be dropped off first. Because the date is uncertain, you’ll have to be present during the entire drop off window.

Confirm that a parking spot is available for the truck. Some buildings have strict parking rules. Your best bet is to reserve a spot if possible.

How To Save Money

The easier you make life on the movers, the more money you’ll save.

  • provide the driver with accurate directions and spell out the faster route
  • locate keys to storage cabinets, storage facilities, gates, and doors
  • measure your furniture to make sure it can fit through a door or window
  • temporarily remove doors from their hinges to allow large pieces of furniture or appliances to pass through more easily.
  • disassemble large pieces of furniture yourself (beds, cribs, tables, bookcases), in addition to ping-pong tables, basketball stands, floor lamps, hat stands, train sets, play equipment, exercise equipment, swing sets.
  • bring in the outdoor thermometer, flag pole holder, bird feeder, rain gauge, and any other outside items; they’re easy to forget
  • reserve the freight elevator at your new residence if necessary
  • don’t pack anything that will never be used again

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