How To Prepare For House Showings

Most people will view listings on the internet before buying a home. Far more will end up seeing your home online than in person. Therefore, not only should you create a model home for those who see it in person, but also for those online. This certainly takes a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the end.

Showing A HouseThe objective is to make your house look as clean and organized as possible. Clean every surface, add some flowers to the bedrooms, and turn on all the lights. Make your house look spacious.

Have a rag and cleaner under the kitchen and bathroom sinks so you can wipe down surfaces quickly. Hide extra stuff under the couch or in the dryer. If you store stuff in the washer, be sure to remember taking the stuff out before doing a load. If you have a family, hold everyone responsible for having a clean room.

Store your clutter in a storage facility, a friend’s or relative’s home, PODS, and possibly your new residence if it’s nearby. A realtor should be able to offer suggestions as well.

House Availability

Most of the time, real estate agents will call a few hours in advance before showing your home. This allows homeowners to plan and make adjustments before they come.

However, sometimes an agent will want to show your home on short notice. He or she may be out showing homes to a buyer and call you at the last moment. While this may be inconvenient to the homeowner, it’s a part of the deal.

You can turn down the showing, but that’s probably not a wise decision. Who knows, that could the person who ends up buying your home! A better alternative is to ask the agent to wait 5 minutes to get everything in order and vacate the house.

Be flexible in these situations. The more people that see your home, the faster it will sell. Plus, you’re making life easier for your agent, who is likely working hard to get buyers to see your home.

Having a lock box allows the house to be shown even when you’re not around. I think most homeowners would prefer this so they aren’t bothered while at home. However, make sure that you always clean up the house before you leave just in case. You never know when your house will be shown.


  • air the house out as much as possible to rid of any unsavory smells; you can even get some mildly scented candles or bake something to make the house smell good.
  • the house should be nice and quiet, unless you play soft music in the background
  • lighting makes the house look more appealing, even during the day – put a new bulb into every fixture inside and outside – the higher the wattage, the better
  • house should be well-maintained regularly – clean floors, counters, sinks, and shower regularly
  • keep your garage door closed as much as possible; your house looks much better this way
  • floors should be clear of clothing, toys, and anything else that might be lying around; each time you leave a room, check to make sure everything is in order
  • listing should contain information about pets so the agent and buyer know what’s in the yard or inside the house.

If you have pets, keep in mind that not everyone loves them. Your house may not get the recognition it deserves from potential buyers if your dog is constantly barking or harassing them. Buyers might have allergies and may not even bother stepping into a home with a cat or dog present. Take your pets each time you vacate the house, if possible, or drop them off at a neighbor’s or friend’s house. At the very least, keep the them contained.

Visitors will feel much more comfortable if no one is around. This may not always be possible, but do the best you can. You may be in a situation where your baby is sleeping when the real estate agent shows up. If so, then request that they stay out of that room.

An empty house allows the visitor to see it objectively because they aren’t being distracted by anyone. Not to mention that they’ll likely have a more pleasant experience, increasing the chances of an offer. They can also talk out loud to the agent without worrying about anyone hearing them. The communication between the buyer and the agent during this time is critical, and it’s hard to talk honestly when the homeowner is in the next room.

If you can’t leave the house for some reason, then do your best to stay out of the way. If you have a family, then have everyone hang out in one room until the showing ends. Let the agent do their job.

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