Adjusting To Your New Life

Moving to another part of the country or world could mean adjusting to an entirely different culture. Even if language is the same, there could still be some differences. For example, in some parts of the southern United States, people say “peep-eye” instead of “peek-a-boo”. Those moving overseas will obviously have a much bigger learning curve.

Making The Adjustment

Those who chose to move will have an easier time embracing the cultural differences. If you have some resistance, be open to change. It could be a great learning experience.

SunsetThere will likely be some things that you don’t like about the move. For instance, you might find that the commute to work is a lot longer than before, either because the traffic is hectic or you live further out. However, instead of complaining, why not make the most of it by listening to an audiobook while driving?

Try as many restaurants as possible. There are some very unique places to eat throughout the world.

I currently live in the Quad Cities, and we are known for our pizza. It gets rave reviews from a lot of visitors. I never thought it was anything special because I didn’t know any different. That was until I read some reviews saying it was on par with what Chicago has to offer. That was a real eye-opener to me.

The point is that every city has something to offer. Find it and make the most of it. If you move to a place that has great pizza, then eat a lot of pizza! At the end of the day, you can either make the most out of the situation or crawl into a hole. Life is a lot easier when you have a good attitude.

Be Active

Make an effort to meet new people. Consider hosting a party or an open house to get to know the neighbors. Don’t worry if the house is a bit of a mess – everyone knows you just moved in. Ask guests to bring food so you won’t have to do much preparing.

If parties aren’t your thing (they certainly aren’t mine), you can use other avenues to establish new relationships. Go for a walk around the neighborhood and introduce yourself.

Get along with your neighbors as much as possible, even if they make it difficult to. You never know when you might need their help.

Joining organizations is one of the best ways to meet people quickly. Consider book clubs, wine-tasting groups, and any other clubs of interest. Sign up for classes, such as exercise, sewing, cooking, gardening, and so on. Find a place that you can be regular at, such as a coffee shop or a bar.

Volunteer at a charity or non-profit group to meet like minded people with similar interests. You can also get involved at your children’s school. This allows you to get acquainted with teachers and moms.

Pretend you are a tourist and visit some spots. The sooner you get comfortable with the area, the sooner it will feel like home.

Spend time locating the local grocery stores, schools, parks, and other places of interest

Don’t be afraid to take a stand immediately when moving into an apartment. If one of your neighbors is blaring loud music, tell them it’s bothering you.

Don’t change your whole lifestyle at once. Establish a routine that you are comfortable with.

You may not fit in right away, but relationships take time to develop. Meet as many people as possible and you’ll make friends eventually.

Welcoming Organizations

Newcomers is a club for new residents who are looking make friends and get comfortable with their new surroundings. You can contact them or other welcoming organizations by searching the yellow pages or internet. They’ll provide coupons, freebies, maps, guides, and information on local businesses.

Even the smallest towns have a Chamber of Commerce. Their job is to promote the town and businesses. They can answer any questions about the area.

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