A Few Days Before The Move

The more you can get done at this time, the less you have to do on moving day.

Put your moving binder in a spot so it doesn’t get packed; make sure all the important papers are stored inside

Pack clothes from the laundry room

Drop off box/cable modem if you haven’t already done so

Refrigerators and freezers should be shut off 1-2 days before moving; keep the door ajar so it completely dries out and defrosts.

Purchase plastic to protect carpet if rain is expected; or use the 2 carriers inside/2 outside method so no one tracks in.

Drain the garden hose and roll it up to be packed

Plan on using paper plates and cups the last few days before moving; you may want to keep a pot and some utensils out as well

Drain the sprinkler system

Place manuals and warranties for major appliances in a plastic bag for the new home owners and label “Do not pack”

Collect spare house keys from family, friends, neighbors, etc.

If driving: get maps and directions, children’s toys and necessities, address book, snacks and drinks, coins; give a close friend your travel route and schedule

Pack a suitcase or box full of travel gear.

Collect money that has been hidden inside the house.

Return keys to neighbors.

Pay current bills.

Remove garage openers from each vehicle

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