21 Questions To Ask Moving Companies

1) Will they visit your place in person to provide a free estimate? If not, look elsewhere.

2) What items are covered and not covered? What insurance options do they offer?

3) Do they require a deposit in order to reserve a date? If they request a good sum of money, eliminate them from consideration.

4) Do they use subcontractors? Which subcontractors might move your stuff?

5) How late do they accept cancellations and postponements?

6) What would happen if you weren’t present when the movers showed up for delivery?

7) Do they hire temps? Full-time employees have more experience and typically do a better job.

8) How do they charge for travel time? Is it a preset cost, or is it according to total hours? Is there an extra charge for nights and weekends?

9) Do they charge per hour or by weight of the shipment?

10) What is the claims process? How do they handle damaged or lost items? Interstate movers are required to have a dispute settlement program which offers arbitration to resolve issues.

11) In what ways can you save money?

12) Which items are not accepted? (i.e. plants)

13) Is the estimate binding or non-binding? Binding is preferred.

14) What is the pick-up and delivery time? What is the longest possible drop-off window? Will this be documented in the contract?

15) What additional costs might be incurred? Do they charge extra for moving large items? Do they charge for taking apart and putting furniture back together?

16) Will the truck have loads from other customers as well? Sometimes belongings can get mixed up with others. Will your load be dropped off before or after the others? If your load is dropped off last, then expect it to arrive closer to the end of the drop of window.

17) Does the company own all of their equipment?

18) What type of training do the movers and packers have?

19) Can they provide a list of references?

20) What forms of payment do they accept? Red flags: if they don’t accept cash or only accept cash.

21) What is their inventory system?

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