1 Week Before The Move

Start packing the survival box with critical items and place in corner with other items that will be taken with. Box should be marked “do not move”

Finish any other packing that needs to get done

Close your safe deposit box and bank accounts unless payments need to clear

Defrost freezer (allow 24 hours to dry); empty and clean refrigerator

Get payment ready for movers

Call real estate agent and moving coordinator to make sure move is on schedule

Drain gasoline and oil from gas-powered equipment; properly dispose of hazardous materials (gas, paint, etc)

Return gas grill propane tank to the store

Cover sharp blades on lawn equipment and gardening tools

Return library books, borrowed items, pay fines, borrowed items, and collect items you have loaned out

Make sure the moving truck can be parked as close as possible to the front door; call the landlord and request that other tenants move their cars if necessary on moving day

Get paper plates, cups, napkins, and utensils

Clean inside and outside of appliances: oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher

Dust furniture, but do not wax or polish. Furniture pads may stick to a polished surface during hot weather and damage furniture, plus it’s more slipper to pick up.

Schedule final walk through on new house, preferably held the day before the house closing date

Purchase floor protectors for furniture legs

Confirm that utilities will be turned on when you move in

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